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Through this site I seek to bring to whoever has the inclination to take a look, some of the experiences, ideas and aspirations that may, will or have enriched my experience of life upon this planet, in the hope that something may be of relevance, use or help to somebody.

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*Wherefore say I can early spirit flourish within a youthful lyric...

Why choose Sound of the Road

We will be bringing you new  and updated content with fresh ideas and inspiration in order that you can examine ways of being and doing that may have escaped your notice and yet may have some relevance to you especially if you find yourself at one of life’s intersections.

What we offer

Web Design Services

Teaching English as a 2nd  language

Photography and Media

Reiki and Seichem


My name is Peter Christian Elmvang I have many years experience of traveling and living all over the world, burning my  bridges and having to build anew